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The California Strength High Performance Physique

Building muscle quickly that is functional, lean, and athletic is what California Strength does with Olympic Weightlifters, NFL Football, Track and Field, and other strength related athletes. The training online section is where the secrets of California Strength are revealed on how to build muscle fast. Our muscle building programs, nutrition programs and muscle building supplement protocols that build some of the top athletes in their sport are found within these pages in a non-watered down form for everyone to follow.


Imagine eight to twelve weeks to build muscle, get lean, be athletic, and look your absolute best. The alternative is to go home and know you missed the opportunity of a lifetime. That mindset encapsulates the California Strength NFL Combine program where functional muscle must be built quickly. Where future stars need an uncompromising approach to building muscle and losing body fat all while they increase their agility and speed.

The California Strength High Performance Physique is a muscle building program unlike any other program today. A relentless approach to building muscle and physical preparation when time is limited and additional resources are needed by the athlete to hone their sport specific preparation. Where athletes need to build muscle and lose body fat quickly while only training in the gym or on the track three to five times per week.

The California Strength High Performance Plan is a new take on training to accomplish all of these.  Given the unprecedented rise in popularity of the NFL, NBA and Crossfit; it would seem the majority of people today prefer a muscular, lean, athletic physique over that of a heavily muscled bodybuilder.  We are drawn to the idea of being able to run fast, jump high and lift big weights while at the same time boasting chiseled abs, ripped arms and a muscular chest… that’s the idea behind the California Strength High Performance Plan.  Increasing athletic performance while improving appearance may seem like common sense, but most popular strength programs are not capable of delivering both.


The system will help users build muscle and lose body fat while increasing strength, power, speed, agility and function.  The program's roots are in strength and conditioning systems used to train elite athletes and draws heavily from our highly successful NFL Combine and ProDay preparation protocols.  The California Strength NFL Combine and ProDay preparation protocols were designed for college football players who find themselves “under the gun” to get in the best shape of their lives.  Typically, these athletes are given a six to eight week window to train before having to participate in the NFL Scouting Combine or a University ProDay event.  At these events the players must make lasting impressions on NFL Scouts and Coaches.  The bottom line is that they have six to eight weeks to get into the best shape of their lives, while simultaneously preparing to participate in comprehensive strength, power, agility and conditioning testing.

The result of the California Strength High Performance Plan:  A phenomenal looking body that functions at an extremely high level.  The program is composed of a training plan, a nutrition plan and our proprietary supplement protocols.  Get ready to look great and perform better than ever before!



The California Strength High Performance Olympic Lifting Protocol

No sport matches the speed, agility, and strength of Olympic Lifting. The snatch and clean and jerk require relentless attention to detail, a meticulously developed strength program, and live coaching…until now.

The California Strength Olympic Lifting system is an online hub and learning center for aspiring Olympic lifters. With instructional videos, training programs, nutrition programs, and supplement protocols. The system translates the same programming and approaches that athletes at the California Strength facility receive in house, onto the web.


The program focuses on proper technique and form, developing strong athletes, but ones that have a significantly higher competition lift to strength ratio (e.g. PR clean and jerk to PR front squat ratio) than other traditional Olympic lifting programs.

The system uses advanced recovery techniques and nutrition programs that allow a drug free athlete to train at a higher level and have a lower chance of injury while building muscle, losing body fat, and engraining the neuromuscular motor patterns that maximize the athletes natural levers for the competition lifts.

A program that started its development in 2006 when American Weightlifting, a 501c3 non-profit, brought the father of the "Bulgarian Method" of training Ivan Abadjiev to America; along with two athletes, Nikolay Hristov, and Martin Pashov from Bulgaria to live, eat, and train in a house located in Benicia California. Over time several other top American weightlifters started training and living in Benicia as well, including Max Aita, James Moser, and Donny Shankle.

The California Strength Olympic weightlifting system continued to grow in sophistication and application after Ivan returned to Bulgaria in 2008 and the American Weightlifting team became California Strength. The program in its entirety is going to be found in these pages along with daily access to the continual development of the program in the future.


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