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California Strength is committed to improving human performance. The Cal Strength team includes respected research scientists, world class coaches and elite athletes all working together to provide powerful training solutions for individuals of all age and skill levels.  From young athletes to NFL Scouting Combine participants and Elite Olympic Weightlifters, California Strength offers the technical expertise, tools, training and performance nutrition you need to succeed.  Add to this formula the psychological and educational support necessary for achievement and you have the purpose, power and performance of California Strength.  Engage us either on the web or in our San Ramon facility and harness the power of California Strength.




Our 4500 sq ft facility is 100% dedicated to getting athletes stronger, faster and more explosive at their respective sport.  The gym is built very similar to that of a College weight room...... platforms and squat stands are the main attraction, but we've got lots of other general physical preparation equipment as well.





With over half of the gym covered in high quality turf, we've got plenty of space to practice football drills, speed drills, plyometrics, stretching, etc.  The walls are adorned with medals and plaques earned by the Weightlifters of California Strength. 






With all of this space available to us, at peak times we find ourselves bursting at the seams with 3-4 athletes on every platform with several others waiting in the wings.  There is a real sense of camaraderie where athletes may be on opposing sides on game day, but they are supportive and encouraging inside of California Strength.





In the front of the gym you will find a retail area, where athletes and guests are able to buy California Strength apparel as well as Molecular Kinetics supplements.  In the back of the gym there is a conference room, shipping room, kitchen and a players lounge equipped with a Cold Tub so athletes can recover faster from an intense workout.





California Strength is located in beautiful Northern California, just East of San Francisco and Oakland, and North of San Jose making it accessible from any Bay Area airport.  Contact us to arrange a visit so you can meet the team and experience what California Strength has to offer.   

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