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California Strength Olympic Weightlifting Straps, Tape, Wrap, Chalk

Straps, Tape, Wrap, Chalk

Weightlifting straps and wraps are a necessity for hitting the weights hard day in and day out. At California Strength where moderate to higher repetitions are done on a consistent basis we find that weightlifting straps that are short, durable, and comfortable are the absolute best for doing weightlifting movements such as snatches, heavy pulls, and deadlifts. Durable, easy-to-use pre-wrap and weightlifting tape are a must for protection from the strains of daily training.

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  1. California Strength Olympic Weightlifting Straps 2.0

    California Strength Olympic Weightlifting Straps 2.0

    Price: $21.00

    Olympic weightlifting straps designed and produced by California Strength Olympic lifters and coaches!

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  2. Weightlifting Chalk

    Weightlifting Chalk

    Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price: $8.99

    1 pound. Contains eight 2-ounce blocks of chalk

    High quality weightlifting chalk is a mainstay of the California Strength Team. Composed of 100% magnesium carbonate, this chalk keeps hands dry for a secure grip.

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  3. weightlifting tape

    Weightlifting Tape - 15 yard roll

    Price: $2.15

    Cramer 750 (1.5" x 15 yard) White Athletic Trainer's Tape

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  4. weightlifter's pre-wrap

    Colored Underwrap (2-3/4" x 30 yards)

    Price: $1.49

    Each roll of lifting tape is 2-3/4" wide and 30 yards long. Learn More

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