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Recover: Joint Pain Relief Supplement

RECOVER: Free Yourself from Joint and Muscle Pain Fast!

7 Days is all it takes to start seeing results for. Whether it's hitting the trail, the weights, or track, you can be pain-free within 30 days. Take the RECOVER Challenge today!

Ultra high potency EPA & DHA blend

RECOVER is the only omega-3 supplement specifically designed to maximize EPA and DHA for athletes and active individuals. Through a FDA approved molecular distillation process crude fish oil is refined to an Ultra High Potency EPA/DHA formula. The finished ultra-high potency EPA and DHA is encapsulated by cold pressing that maintains the freshness and purity.

Enteric coating and odorless manufacturing limit the possibilities of "burp ups" and fishy aftertaste. Natural vitamin E protects the EPA and DHA from becoming inactive.

Jon North
"Thanks to RECOVER, I've been able to train harder than ever, pain free, while I make a push toward the 2012 London Olympics!"
Ryan Whalen
Cincinatti Bengals
Wide Receiver
"I use RECOVER everyday to supplement my training. It is by far the best product in its class, because it fights out all of my muscle and joint soreness. RECOVER allows me to perform at my best!"

How Does RECOVER Work?

RECOVER works by supplying a high concentration of the most potent Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) that work to lower the inflammatory response caused by repetitive strain on joints and tendons.

The inflammation itself is usually initiated by hard training, a poorly healed old injury or by monotonous repeated movements (running, weightlifting, rowing, etc‚) during training.

Because RECOVER is an ultra pure form of the most active Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, taking even half a dosage of RECOVER provides the same heart healthy and general inflammation reducing qualities as other fish oils.

The Results Are In

Designed for active people RECOVER features state-of the art processing that concentrates EPA and DHA to get results!

Active individuals with chronic joint/tendon pain from heavy training found that in just 7 days their pain started to subside. 30 Days later the pain was virtually gone! And yes the study was randomized, double-blind, and placebo controlled.*

Recover: Pain vs. Time molecular-kinetics-recover

Get back to training and making new PR's!

When you're joints and tendons hurt, you can't train.Whether its hitting the trail, the weights, or track. 7 Days is all it took to start seeing results. By 30 days PR's were just around the corner.

RECOVER campared with other DHA fish oil supplements

Claims about specific products were obtained from each company's website. Please refer to individual websites for the most recent information. Nature made is a registered trademark of Nature Made Nutritional Products. Ultimate Omega is a registered trademark of Nordic Naturals. Carlsons is a registered trademark of Carlson Laboratories. OmegaRx is a registered trademark of Zone Labs, Inc.

Discover the Benefits of RECOVER

  • Powerful, natural joint pain relief. Reduces inflammation from tendonitis, repetitive strain, overuse
  • Reduces muscle soreness associated with intense workouts
  • All natural ingredientsNo Soy, Corn, Gluten, or Dairy

View RECOVER Nutrition Facts

  • Fight inflammation. High Omega-3 content promotes overall health.
  • Highest purity EPA & DHA available without a prescription
  • FDA approved purification process for mercury, PCBs and contaminants
RECOVER: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

* Reference: Mavrogenis, S et al 2004


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