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California Strength NFL Combine / Pro Day Prep

NFL Combine & Pro Day Prep

The grass roots program driven initially by our young high school athletes requesting preparation after college for entrance into the National Football League, and has quickly become one of the premiere programs in the country. A boutique program compared to many in the country, each athlete is given meticulous strength and conditioning along with tactical preparation for the biggest single interview of their life.

The Program

The_Program_v2The California Strength NFL Combine Prep Program has been a grass roots initiative. Over the past 7 years, California Strength has worked with some of the Bay Area’s top high school football players.  As time passed, some of these players went on to flourish at the collegiate level. Many of these players have received NFL Combine Invites or wanted to participate in their respective University Pro Day Events. These players requested that California Strength handle their preparation and as a result, our NFL Combine Preparation program was born. The Program grew quickly in size and sophistication as more and more athletes demanded our services based on the performance of our graduates. Today, the California Strength Combine Prep program is recognized as one of the best boutique programs in the Country.

Ryan Whalen, David Spitz, and Jeff Maehl NFL Combine 2011




The Strength of our Combine Preparation Program is our attention to detail. Our Combine Preparation classes are capped at ten individuals. This is significantly smaller than many of our competitors and the intimacy of the group gives us an opportunity to customize each training program to the athlete. Our experts dedicate eight weeks to making sure our players look and perform at the top of their game.


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