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The California Strength Full Day Olympic Weightlifting Seminar

Learn the snatch, clean, and jerk from leading Olympic weightlifting coaches and athletes!

California Strength hosts 3-4 seminars each year at its location in San Ramon, California. Our seminars are open to both members and non-members. Novices, experienced lifters, as well as coaches can benefit from our full day lifting course.

We can come to you! Put on an Olympic weightlifting seminar at your own gym with California Strength's athletes and coaches doing the teaching. This is a great way to publicize your strength and conditioning facility or CrossFit box. You, your trainers, and your clients can learn the California Strength method for learning and teaching the Olympic snatch, clean and jerk.

Contact us to schedule one of our seminars at your gym.

Upcoming Seminars

Check here for seminars currently on the schedule at California Strength gym in San Ramon, CA.

Format of the Full Day Olympic Weightlifting Seminar

The California Strength full day Olympic weightlifting seminar includes six hours of practical instruction on the snatch, clean, jerk, and high-bar squat if time permits. California Strength’s 3-step, top-down system for learning and teaching the Olympic lifts is explained in detail. Everyone who attends the seminar will lift weights; bring appropriate attire and lifting shoes if you have them.

This seminar is very hands on. We start with getting everyone warmed up, then move right into teaching the snatch progression. Members of the California Strength Olympic weightlifting team will be on hand to assist and demonstrate. After a 1 hour break for lunch, we cover the clean progression and then the jerk. If time permits, we will also go into auxiliary exercises such as squats, back extensions, and ab work. You will have the opportunity to ask our coaches about programming and training tips.

Our full-day seminar generally lasts from 10am until 4pm on a Saturday unless the seminar host prefers otherwise.

Contact us to schedule one of our seminars at your gym.

About California Strength

Located in San Ramon California, California Strength specializes in unique training method founded on the Olympic lifts. California Strength trains a wide range of clients including youths, high school and college level athletes, professionals, amateurs, and anyone looking for a functional strength and conditioning program. California Strength's method is often incorporated into programs for football, baseball, track & field...even figure skating!

The Olympic weightlifting program, overseen by David Spitz (CSCS, USAW) started under US Olympic coach Jim Schmitz, continued under Olympic Silver medalist Alex Krychev, and from 2006 - 2009 was coached by Bulgarian super-coach Ivan Abadjiev. Glenn Pendlay, MS coached the California Strength team up through 2012 and recently handed over the reins to David Spitz. During this time, California Strength has produced over 15 National Champions, 5 medalists in international competitions, and the team broke as many as 10 American records in a single year. The ability to take highly technical, powerful movements and make them easily understandable is California Strength’s specialty.

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